How do I access details of articles?

AcademicReference is a Business-to-Business subscription based website, meaning that the access to abstract or full text is purchased by institutions or organizations.

If your institution offers the online access, please consult with your electronic resource manager or librarian to see if they have subscriptions to the online content you would like to access.

What different access levels are there for articles and publications?

AcademicReference uses two different icons to indicate a document’s access level. indicates subscribed content. indicates unsubscribed content.

The following threee icons indicate the access or availability of a full text:

PDF - Your institution has subscribed to this content and you can access the full text.

PDF - Your institution does not subscribe to this content and you have no access to the full text.

Full text (in Chinese) – The full text of this content is in Chinese and here provides a link to the full text. If your institution has purchased the database the link points to, you can have direct access to it.

How can I log in to the database?

(1) If your institute has already subscribed to this database and your computer’s IP address is in the institute’s IP list, you will automatically log in;

(2) Click “Login” on any AcademicReference webpage at the top right corner of the screen, enter your user name and password in the appropriate field, and then click “Login” button;

After a successful login, you can check the detailed information of the publication or download a full-text PDF if available.

What can I do on a publication page?

From a publication page, you can view the general information relating to a book, journal, conference proceeding, reference work, or a yearbook, including:

  • • Publisher
  • • Authors
  • • Available volumes and issues
  • • Access level, etc.

The information above may vary according to the different publication type.

You can subscribe to this publication from the page by clicking the “Get Access” button and filling a form.

What is on the article/entry page?

The article/entry page displays its relevant information, including:

  • • Core information, such as title, author, downloads, and keywords, etc.
  • • Source
  • • Similar documents
  • • Article tools

The core information above may vary according to the different publication type.

How do I download articles/chapters/entries?

You can download a full-text PDF in three ways:

  • • from a search results list
  • • by browsing through publications
  • • from the article/yearbook entry page

On any page listed above, you can click on the PDF icon underneath the title you want to download.

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